HVAC Repair and Maintenance

HVAC Repair and Maintenance

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This course and video series will help you will gain in-depth training that enables you to secure employment in the HVAC industry. The Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Online Training Course is a comprehensive course designed to teach students the skills and techniques required for entry level employment into the residential and light commercial heating ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) field. About Chris Walters: Chris Walters is the school Director and Instructor for The Training Center of Air Conditioning and Heating. Using his over 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry, Chris has partnered with BrownTechnical to create a unique e-learning course. Chris Walters Bio. HVAC eCourse modules AC Basics OverviewTechnicians Getting It WrongSecondary PansCheck List DemoHouse Protection DemoDrainTrap DemoPVC DemoAC Maintenance DemoScrew Pipe DemoSystems/Refrigeration CycleReceiver/AccumulatorDriersMetering DevicesLo-Ambient DemoCompressors - IntroService ValvesCompressors – Rotary, Recip, ScrollHi-Lo Pressure SafetiesElectrical - OverviewCapacitor ReplacementCapacitor TestingTransformer Replacement DemoVoltage Drop DemoTransformer DemoCapacitor ReplacementT-Stat DemoMotorsHard Start InstallBurn-Outs DemoUniversal Blower MotorFan Blade PullerCondenser Fan DemoAir DistributionAir Filters DemoDoor Height DemoStatic Pressure DemoUV Light DemoHumidity, Health Comfort DemoAC Installs ViolationsLoad Calculation with and w/o WindowsCharging Overview422 B Charging AlternativeR-22 Charging410 ChargingSuperHeat DemoOverCharge-UnderCharge-410Long Line-Set DemoCompressor Performance DemoAnalog vs. Digital GuagesTotal Heat DemoOils & Refrigerants Demo Recovery Overview EPA Locking Caps Demo Core Removal Demo Micro Guage Importance Demo Vacuum Core Removal Demo Leak Sealant Demo Leak Detection Die Demo Leak Detection-Electrical Leak Detection –Soap Torch Overview Torch Heat Protection Demo Nitrogen Flush Flare/Swag Demo Heating Overview Rotating Heat Element Flue Pipe Roof Demo Gas Furnace – Sequence of Operation Roof Pitch Demo Flue Pipe-Roof Pitch Combo Electrical Heat – Temperature Rise Demo Heat Pump Demo TroubleShooting Overview Lo-Indoor Air Flow Restricted Drier Over-Charge Low-Charge Dirty Condensor Non-Condensibles-Mixed-Charge Demo Restricted Drier Diagnostics, First Steps Tools Overview Electrical Meter Tools Torches & Accessories Air Flow Tools Maintenance Tools Power Tools Core Removal Leak Detection-Electrical Service Valve Tools Leak Detection Sealant Static Pressure Tools Copper Working Tools PVC Tools Refrigerant Scales Recovery Devices Basic Bag Refrigerant Guages

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