Asbestos Awareness Safety Training Program

Asbestos Awareness Safety Training Program

: Brown Safety Training

: 1110000314095



Asbestos Awareness Details

Asbestos is not harmful unless inhaled. Non-flyable or non-crumbling asbestos is not a direct health threat. Many older homes and buildings contain asbestos. It is more of a risk to remove asbestos than leaving it alone. Many of us have grown up in homes with asbestos ceilings and asbestos floor tiles. This program provides awareness of the asbestos hazard with a focus on safety.



  • Asbestos
  • Do's and Don'ts


Runtime: 6 Min.

What's In The Box

  • (1) Training DVD
  • (15) Accesses to streaming library WAVE
  • (1) Leaders Guide (On CD-ROM)
  • (1) Q&A Quiz (On CD-ROM)
  • (1) Manual (On CD-ROM)
  • (1) Customizable Powerpoint Presentation (On CD-ROM)

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