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The API 653 online course will help you prepare for the Certification exam. The course is designed as a power point presentation with voice over from the instructor. You will be able to take this course at your own pace. You can stop, start, and back up as you like. You can access it from anywhere with internet access. If you have a question, you can email the instructor and he will answer. The course will be open to you for 120 days or three passes through. If you need more just let us know, and we will be happy to work with you. If you do not pass the exam you can retake the training course for free.

Course Structure:

  1. API 653 Sections 1 – 12
  2. API 650 Sections 1 – 10
  3. Annex and Conclusion API 650
  4. Overview Section IX 653
  5. Writing A _WPS_By_Essentials
  6. Review of WPS_PQR
  7. Welding Inspection RP-577
  8. Nondestructive Exam Section V
  9. Damage Mechanisms RP-571_653
  10. API 575 Sections 1 – 8
  11. Conclusion API 575
  12. API 651 Sections 1 – 11
  13. API 651 Conclusion


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