Air-line Respirator Warning FAQs

Course Overview
This introductory online course focuses on OSHA and ANSI standards and regulations for air-line respirators. The “Practices for Respiratory Protection” portion of ANSI’s standard specifies that respirator air-line couplings must be incompatible with outlets for other gas systems. This air-line safety training course discusses the consequences for victims wearing respirators in dangerous and hazardous conditions.

Intended Audience
This air-line safety course is designed for construction workers and managers who use and/or are responsible for the safe use of air-line respirators.

Construction Managers
Construction Supervisors
Construction Employees

Learning Objectives
This air-line respirator class will discuss the requirements outlined in 29 CFR 1910.134. The recommendations outlined in this course will help ensure that you do not inadvertently connect to inert gas supplies. This course also offers case studies to help you learn and understand the dangers of the improper use of air-line respirators.

Course Topics
Air-line Respirators

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSHA)
Bureau of Labor Statistic (BLS)
American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

Features and Benefits
ClickSafety’s Air-line Respirator Warning is an online course that offers important information about the standards and regulations for the proper use of air-line respirators. By taking this course and completing it successfully, you will:

Be informed of the injuries that can be prevented by compliance to these regulations
Know how to comply with requirements to ensure safety when using air-line respirators
Ensure that couplings of respirator air-lines are incompatible with any fittings for non-respirable air or gas delivery systems