Accident Investigation FAQs

Course Overview
Accident Investigation is an advanced online course that reviews basic investigation requirements and guidance. The Accident Investigation safety course explains why accidents are investigated and provides the details of the accident investigation process. Learn how to prepare yourself in the event of a job-related accident with helpful crisis management plans and tips.

Intended Audience
The principles of Accident Investigation shown in this online safety training course are appropriate for workers in every industry, including Construction, General Industry, Manufacturing and Transportation.

Employees and Workers
Managers and Safety Directors
Foremen, Supervisors and Superintendents
Learning Objectives
This online Accident Investigation course will explain what an accident is and cover the details of documenting an accident investigation. One section includes a three-stage process that explains how to properly respond to a crisis. By the end of this online course, you will have been presented with the knowledge required to properly handle and document an accident investigation.

Course Topics
Introduction to Accident Investigation
General Causes
Causal Factors
Conducting the Investigation
Information Gathering
Corrective Actions
Practical Exercise
Crisis Management
Final Words about Accident Investigation
Features and Benefits
ClickSafety’s Accident Investigation online course offers an in-depth explanation of how accidents occur and how you should respond after they happen. By taking this course and successfully completing it, you will:

Be able to determine factors that caused the accident
Understand the process of conducting an accident investigation
Know how to gather information
Understand the basic principles of crisis management
Be able to better prepare yourself with a crisis management plan