13 Carcinogens FAQs

Course Overview
During this introductory online 13 Carcinogen safety class, we will teach you what carcinogens are and what they can do to the human body. Proper carcinogen training decreases the risk of fatal exposure and teaches what to do in case of exposure. Along with carcinogen safety, we will discuss your right to know and how medical surveillance impacts your life.

Intended Audience
This carcinogen safety course is designed for general industry workers who may be exposed to cancer-causing chemicals.

General Industry Workers
General Industry Supervisors
General Industry Managers
Learning Objectives
This online safety course identifies and classified the 13 carcinogens then discusses the regulations surrounding their use. Carcinogen safety training produces a safer working environment for industrial workers. While working through this online course, you will learn what do to in case of exposure to any of these carcinogens.

Course Topics
Introduction to 13 Carcinogens
Regulated Areas
Hygienic Facilities and Practices
Contamination Control
Signs and Information
Training and Indoctrination
Medical Surveillance
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Federal OSHA
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs)
CAS Registry Numbers
Features and Benefits
By taking ClickSafety’s 13 Carcinogens online course, you will become aware of the many causes of cancer commonly found in industrial job sites. After reviewing OSHA standard and requirements, the student will also know:

Proper use of the 13 carcinogens
Potential exposures to the 13 carcinogens
Hazards of the 13 carcinogens